Our Staff


Kindergarten Teams

Ms. Graham and Mrs. Huctwith

Ms. Krilic and Ms. Mayea

Ms. McBurney and Ms. Sword

Ms. Nunns and Ms. Pasch


Early Years Specialist / Outdoor Education

Ms. Baczynski


Primary Division

1/2  Mrs. Cowen

1/2  Mrs. Duffy 

1/2  Mrs. Larocque

1/2  Mrs. McDonald

1/2  Ms. Sangster

2/3 Mrs. Arscott

3 Mrs. Hoggart

3 Ms. Sinclair


Junior Division

3/4 Ms. Chivers

4/5 Ms. Buskard

4/5 Mr. Drul

4/5 Mr. Frew

4/5 Ms. Mintzas

6 Mr. Boyd

6 Mrs. Doan

6 Mrs. MacLean


Intermediate Division

7/8 Mr. Edwards

7/8 Mrs. Goncalves

7/8 Mr. McCurdy

7/8 Mrs. Rivard


Developmental Education

Ms. Davis

Mrs. Romanson

Mr. Wolters


Learning Support Teachers

Ms. Crossan

Mrs. Juul

Mrs. Vallieres-Kamicka


Junior French

Mme. Tiessen Tuomi 

Mlle. Donaldson



Ms. Baczynski

Mrs. Groppler

Mrs. Joshi



Mrs. Ban

Mr. O’Halloran


Physical Education

Mr. Schlemmer


English Language Learners



Educational Assistants

Mr. Boutilier

Ms. Chambers

Mrs. Ens

Ms. Heron

Mrs. Hudson

Ms. Lalonde

Mrs. Pearce

Ms. Pollett

Ms. Reinholt

Mrs. Robb

Ms. Schlegel

Mr. Tremblett (Mr. T)


Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Bennet

Mrs. Roy


Administrative Secretary

Ms. Durham


Charge Custodian

Mr. Lounsbury


Evening Custodian

Mr. Parsons


Vice Principal

Mrs. Groppler



Mr. Gordon